How to register for i-banking from Website

  • Click on “Create your account”
  • Then the below Registration page will appear
  • After filling up all the information click Register


  • Username: Enter a user name.
  • User name must be at least 4 characters long
  • Only numbers are not allowed
  • Whitespace and uppercase in username is not allowed
  • Allowed special characters are: . @ _ -
  • You can use mix of alphabet, number and special character
  • Account Number: Enter your Existing AIBL Account Number.
  • Email address: Enter a valid email address that is related to your account.
  • Mobile Number: Enter your Mobile Number where you will get OTP
  • Credit card: You can add your credit card. Enter your card number. This is optional.
  • Register: Click on register if all the information is okay.

****After registration you will get an email containing a registration number. Contact your branch and submit this number for further procedure****

  • You will get an email mentioning your username and password
  • Log in using that username and password by clicking the ibanking menu
  • Only numbers are not allowed
  • You will be requested to set a 6 digit secondary authentication number which will be asked every time you log in
  • Finally the below screens will show up while logging in.